Krowji – Redruth, Cornwall

This project forms part of commitment to supporting regeneration efforts in the town and increasing the links between the town centre and the main studio cluster site at Krowji. Thank you for reading.


Art Academy – Paris

A concept design for a competition PARIS: ART À MONTPARNASSE 2016. Main future of the project is a public forum; which integrates symbolically three forms of art: theater, sculpture and painting. Thank you for reading.


Art Academy 2 – Paris

Projects presents revised approach to the topic ‘Paris – Art Academy’. This time throughout all design phases. Thank you for reading.



This project was an entry for Evolo 2015 competition. The pyramid can host 10 000 people and not only provides habitats with all necessary life resources but its construction also reflects humans spiritual and transcendent ...


Park revitalization concept in Piekary Śląskie

Park proposal was an entry for a competition announced by Piekary Śląskie in 2015. It is a modern, cut to local needs vision of park inspired by natural site conditions. Work created in cooperation with Milena Mazurczyk. Thank ...


Brand Promotion Centre in Bielsko Biała “O5”

Designed to create a focal point, new dominant which would promote a town in a region. A site were people could spend free time, share their hobbies and interests in an highly comfortable environment. Thank ...

wall colour

Bathroom in attic

Thank you for reading.


Hagera Masterplan

Is all about housing development proposal designed on revitalized 6ha terrain, which reimend idle after extensive sand extraction. Thank you for reading.


Duchamp Brothers

The exhibition covers the scope of art works of two Duchamp brothers. Showing the relationship between their works and double-sided approach at similar topics covered in sculpture and painting. The aim of exhibition is for ...


Insideout – Tremough, Cornwall

Inside Out – Transforming a former greenhouse into an Art Gallery and meeting place for students. Thank you for reading.


Modernization – meeting club “Marchoł”

The project involved change of function and redesigning of and old villa in center of Katowice, Poland. Thank you for reading.


Adaptation of a historic villa

Project of tourist shelter in southern Poland. Designed for hikers and cyclists. Thank you for reading.


Dining room

Luxury dining room rendering. Thank you for reading.


Single apartment

Small, purist, functional interior designed on 26 sqm. Thank you for reading.


Cafeteria – Nanibia

A small premises inspired by a coffee plantation panorama. Thank you for reading.


Computer shop

A modern, customer friendly, computer shop interior designed for a private company. Investor wished for space which is part of brand identity. Presented solution responds to a request of a functional and ingenious interior. Thank ...


Hotel Suite

Conceptual renderings made for SOLIDA company based on attached sketches. Thank you for reading.



Thank you for reading.


Modern City House 2015

Entry for International Architecture Competition for Visegrad Group Students „City House – 2015”. Buildings on Waryńskiego 31 St. are the tenement house and the old church from 1924 . ‘They are in fatal state’ – residents complain ...


“Milky Way” Playground

Multifunctional playground for children with unique and colourful play structures. Thank you for reading.



Reflection – is a representation of 3D space as a flat picture, however deludingly resembling surrounding reality. Inspired by this phenomenon I created ‘Illusion room’ which in its form would represent elements taken from reality. ...



Group project conducted during international workshop in the Czech Republick (Department of Architecture VŠB TU Ostrava, KulturaFM and Slezan Textil Invest Group). The main topic concerned redevelopment and revitalisation of post industrial city centers in former coal district. ...


Youth Hostel

A Hostel with a restaurant, conference and fitness center is located on a corner parcel, next to the main Train Station in Gliwice. If we look to the left of station we will see the ...


City’s Visitor Centrum

First: The values of any specific society can be interpreted from the functions of the physical infrastructure it develops – space quality. Secondly: Its role refers to the active promotion of the city, area or ...


MY Bemowo

MY Bemowo is a place that combines modern and youthful energy solutions. It fulfils expectations of all who want to create their dream apartment. Both singles, couples, and parents can expect to find safe accommodation ...



Elegance was a competition’s project focused around KLER furniture. The venue and capacity were not specified. For the best piece exposition and maximal comfort of use I decided to place 3 sofas in Mediterranean House’s ...


A Hostel with a restaurant, conference and fitness center is located on a corner parcel, next to the main Train Station in Gliwice. If we look to the left of station we will see the ...



The piece of land in Opatowice does not lie close to any building or urban net that would create a strong reference point or dominance for its new plan. Consequently the main task was to ...


Frame shop with accessories

Placed in a steel frame structure building, which permits the use of huge openings and sliding walls. Shop space is divided into two parts and extends on two levels. Thank you for reading.



NAFTOWA housing development, outskirts of Sosnowiec, the main coal district. For nearly two decades the building served as a place of residence for the workers. Nowadays middle-class citizens inhabit it. Work created in cooperation with arch. Michał Sapko. Thank ...


Note Chair

The most important aspects of furniture as daily-use objects are comfort and functionality. The high quality of materials used, personification and modification capability together with modern look make up for a good chair model. In ...

City lights_01

City Lights

The  development was inspired by the diminishing demand for traditional Polish glow bulbs, due to their environmental impact. Thank you for reading.


Villa Prima

The integration of instrumentality and greatness into a cozy family house space is a true challenge for an architect. Therefore I find it extremely important to be familiar with all fields of our craft. Starting ...

Thank you for reading.
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